Fully licensed, insured, and bonded

Dog Walking Service

Fully licensed, insured & bonded

       Every dog owner knows, a tired dog is a happy dog. Dogs not only require more exercise than us, they also need daily mental stimulation to stay happy and non-destructive. Walking is great for their physical health, while it also stimulates their mind: the smells, sights, and sounds are essential for a happy, healthy dog.

Starting with an initial meet and greet, we are able to establish your dog’s likes and dislikes, temperament and behavior. We carry out consultations, not only to meet and answer questions, but also so we can work to establish a proper routine to your dog needs.


Walks are important to your dogs physical and mental health. Not only do they allow your dog to get fresh air and a needed potty break, they burn energy, stimulate the mind, and receive lots of affection and love from our walkers. They also give the pet parent peace of mind to know that their dog is receiving care and companionship throughout the day.

  • 20 Minute Walk: $17

  • 30 Minute Walk: $22

  • 45 Minute Walk: $25

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