Beginner Program

This program is designed for dogs ages 6 month- older with zero to minimum training experience. Every dog will be evaluated and placed in the program that best suits them.

  • Name Recognition         

  • Recall        

  • Loose leash intro             

  • Sit                                       

  • Building focus                   

  • Down                                

  • Leave it



Please answer the questions that follow as thoroughly as possible. This form should be received with your deposit at least a week before the training appointment. All answers are confidential and will help us to serve you better. Below is a link where you can print a form.

Puppy Program

This Puppy program is designed for puppy’s ages 8 weeks  to  5 month-old.

  • Guide to Potty Training            

  • Introducing the leash

  • Building focus                          

  • Name Recognition

  • Sit Down

  • How to keep your pup busy    

  • Jumping & Nipping

Intermediate Program

This Intermediate Program is designed for dogs ages 8 month & older that have a clear understanding of the basic commands and are ready for mild to medium distractions. Dogs will be evaluated and placed in the program that suits them best.

  • Name recognition           

  • Come

  • Sit-Stay                             

  • Intro to Heel

  • Down-Stay                        

  • Leave it

Advanced Program

Most of these training sessions will be held in a high distraction area (Outside, Home Depot, Lowes). This program is only for dogs that have dominated everything in the intermediate program and are ready to move on to the next level.

  • Heel                                 

  • Leave it

  • Place                               

  • Come

  • Sit-Stay                           

  • Down-Stay

Group Classes

Our Group Classes will be held at the Mays Landing Pet Plus. We will offer a variety of classes.


Classes held:


Private 1 on 1 Sessions

Puppy Boot Camp

Adult Group Sessions

FREE Puppy Play Time Every Saturday and Sunday

Online Dog Training


Thanks to the magic of the Internet, we offer our professional training programs to anyone, no matter your location! It’s easy.

Our online dog training programs function very similarly to our more traditional private dog training programs—you'll get one-on-one, customized training sessions with one of our professional trainers. All of the high-quality, thoughtful, proven methods and love for your dog that you will find in our private programs, just in digital form.

Advantages to Online Dog Training:








Because there is no commute, we can get super flexible with scheduling! Now, no matter where you live you can take advantage of our positive-reinforcement techniques, tools, and most importantly, results! What used to be available to a select few, is now available to all. 









No matter where you live, we can work with you. You can reap the benefits of professional, experienced, and knowledgeable trainers who have a proven track record of giving dog owners amazing results.









Now your pup won’t even know we are there! This allows us to see how your dog is naturally behaving. Many times our clients tell us, “He is so good when you're here!” When do dog training sessions online, we get to see how your dog behaves as if nobody new is in the environment.

What do you use for video conferencing? Do I need an account? 

You don’t need an account to video conference with your trainer! Your trainer will set up your meeting in Zoom, an online meeting tool, and will send you a link. Click that link from your computer and you’re in. That’s it.
$30/30 min

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