Private Training

For dogs and handlers that need that little extra help or dogs with behavior issues. 

Single Lesson $130

3 Lesson Package $350 ($40 Savings)

6 Lesson Package $650 ($130 Savings)

Packages include training tools

Foundation Group Classes

3 slots max per Group

 Teaches Foundation and Leadership. Great for Dogs of all Ages and Breeds.


  • Name recognition

  • Leash Skills          

  • Place Stays

  • Sit and Down Stays                            

  • Heel

  • Come (Recall)                       

  • Food Ignore (Leave it)

 All Programs cover behavior modifications for: Jumping, Nipping, Potty Training, Door Darting, etc.

Program includes: Five 1 hr lessons, Training Collar, Leash and Treat pouch.

                                      Call For more info!

Intermediate Program

This program is great for clients that have already completed our foundation program. This program will help take you and your pup to the next level.


More Distractions

New tools to tighten up commands

Competition Heel and Advanced Obedience


Puppy Boot Camp

(2 week Board & Train)

Our 2 week puppy program will help shape your puppy to be the dog you want! We will work on common behavior issues and obedience including potty training, leash walking & puppy nipping. Your pup will not only learn manners, but also be given a job it will enjoy.

In our Board and Train program, your dog will stay at our training facility while being trained by our professional trainers. In-board training offers consistency during the hardest parts of training – the result is lower-stress learning and a more consistent end result.

You can contact us at 609-233-9872 to get more info