Private Training

For dogs and handlers that need that little extra help or dogs with behavior issues.

Single Lesson $130

3 Lesson Package $350 ($40 Savings)

6 Lesson Package $650 ($130 Savings)

Packages include training tools

Duo Foundation Classes

2 slots max per Class

Very small group focused on teaching Foundation and Leadership skills. Great for Dogs of all Ages and Breeds.


  • Name recognition

  • Leash Skills

  • Place Stays

  • Sit and Down Stays

  • Heel

  • Come (Recall)

  • Food Ignore (Leave it)

All Programs cover behavior modifications for: Jumping, Nipping, Potty Training, Door Darting, etc.

Program includes: Five 1 hr lessons, Training Collar, Leash and Treats.

Call For more info!


Intermediate Classes
(Group Setting)

Starting on June 24th

Already completed a program with us? Come out and keep working your pup. We meet up every Friday at 5pm outside behind Pets plus. 

What to expect:

A lot of distraction

Advanced Obedience

Real life scenarios 

Puppy Boot Camp

(2 week Board & Train)

Our 2 week puppy program will help shape your puppy to be the dog you want! We will work on common behavior issues and obedience including potty training, leash walking & puppy nipping. Your pup will not only learn manners, but also be given a job it will enjoy.

In our Board and Train program, your dog will stay at our training facility while being trained by our professional trainers. In-board training offers consistency during the hardest parts of training – the result is lower-stress learning and a more consistent end result.

You can contact us at 609-233-9872 to get more info